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Unveiling “Torn Between Two Worlds: Modern Medicine and Spiritual Healing” by Shawn T. Murphy

A Transcendent Manual for Elevating Spiritual Wellbeing “Torn Between Two Worlds: Modern Medicine and Spiritual Healing” has finally arrived. Crafted by the talented Shawn T Murphy, a successful Engineer, Businessman and Chartered Financial Analyst. This extraordinary creation represents the fourth volume in an engaging series, presenting practical remedies for navigating the intricate relationship between modern medicine and spiritual well-being

We are all invited to embark on a deep and transformative journey of self-exploration and healing as the long-anticipated release of “Torn Between Two Worlds: Modern Medicine and Spiritual Healing”. Building upon the achievement of the initial trilogy in the “Torn Between Two Worlds” series – titled “Science and Religion,” “Wisdom and Rhetoric,” and “Material and Ethereal” – Shawn artfully constructs a foundation to comprehend the inherent duality interwoven into human existence. In this latest release, the focus moves from philosophical contemplation to actionable guidance, furnishing readers with insights for skillfully navigating life’s complexities.

Each individual has the capacity to reach their utmost capabilities. Hence, the recommendations within this book have the potential to propel individuals towards this objective, irrespective of their present level of spiritual well-being. Within these pages, we unearth an array of methods to surmount the spiritual challenges afflicting us or our dear ones. By the book’s conclusion, my hope is that readers will not only possess tools for aid but also a comprehensive manual on integrating them into their unique life paths.

Shawn was once asked about his inspiration, after he promoted his first three books and became a popular active blogger in Quora. There he was inspired and encouraged by his followers to write his self-help book. He is dedicating this to these two individuals that valued his support and inspiration that he provided.

About the Author

He began his work journey at the age of 14, working his way through High School and attaining a BS in Engineering while employed as a machinist. Upon transitioning to an engineering role, he achieved a Master’s in Engineering, followed by a Master’s in Business, and dedicated his free time to becoming a Chartered Financial Analyst. His unquenchable thirst for knowledge has persisted throughout their life.

His credentials continued to flourish as he pursued a thriving career as an investment manager, consistently prioritizing ongoing education. In 1996, he initiated a study of philosophy and spirituality subsequent to an encounter with skilled clairvoyants during his initial week-long spiritual retreat. Over the past 27 years, he engaged in intensive learning under their guidance, delving into spiritual laws and remedies that now form the essence of their written work.

In response to the events of September 11, 2001, he found inspiration to author six articles that countered the prevailing rhetoric of the time. Additionally, following a stroke experienced by his 20-year-old daughter, he felt compelled to write the “Torn Between Two Worlds” trilogy.

This endeavor aimed to disseminate the wisdom accumulated throughout his life’s journey, which had provided him strength during challenging periods. Recent developments include the establishment of a spiritual consulting business subsequent to the release of his self-help book. Utilizing the tools expounded upon in his writing, he is dedicated to aiding those who are enduring suffering. Moreover, have been actively assisting aspiring clairvoyants in honing their skills, as the principles they articulate hold relevance for individuals from all walks of life.

Shawn T. Murphy’s dedication shines through his proactive engagement. Collaborations with fellow creatives:


Book Fairs

  • Sharjah 2022
  • Frankfurt 2022

Shawn recently participated in a Prime Seven Media Spotlight interview with Logan Crawford and answered questions about his book, ‘Torn Between Two Worlds: Modern Medicine and Spiritual Healing’; (Logan Crawford TV Interview Link:

Message from the author:

I believe “Torn Between Two Worlds: Modern Medicine and Spiritual Healing” will appeal to readers looking for alternative ways to address their health and wellness. And I would be happy to consult with any reader and can be reached on my website:

If you are interested in buying his book, just visit, or you may click this link:

Raising Spiritual Children on My Spiritual Shenanigans

What are the 3 roles of a parent in raising a spiritual child? How can you prevent your own biases from being projected onto your kids? How can parents develop more patience and capacity to raise their children in today’s stressful age? And many other fascinating questions explored with spiritual author Shawn Murphy.

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Interview from Road to Divinity

Free will is our greatest gift and destiny is the product of free will. Exercising our free will shapes our destiny in this life and in our next life. Let me give a few examples from my research:

• Let’s say the person was a narcissist. Before he prepared for his next human life, he would most likely be banned to a place where he is totally alone. Time alone is given to force a spirit to think about what they have done and time to come to the conclusion that it was wrong how they treated others. His fate in the next life might be as handicapped, relying on other’s help or as a son of a narcissist – “eye for an eye.”

• Let’s say the person was an atheist, with no belief. This spirit could be brought by his guardian to people living in fear of imminent death. This is to experience how people with faith get through these times versus an atheist. After experiencing this intense fear over and over he starts to see the value of faith, experiencing the angels who come to comfort those who pray. This spirit’s fate in his next life may be to be born into a pious family.

• Let’s say the person was a murderer. If prison was successful, and he repented for his crime, then he might not need any additional punishment. But if he avoided being caught or did not learn anything in prison, then he would be either banned in a remote place or given a toiling job before being prepared for a new life with a new fate. If the soul of the person he murdered had not forgiven him, he may decide to haunt the murderer in his next life, instilling depression, anxiety or schizophrenia.

• Let’s say the person was a good person who was kind to others, living in faith and hope. He would be welcomed by family and angels with big smiles on their faces. He will look younger that he did when he died, and they will welcome him and want to show him the beauty of heaven, before getting prepared for the next life on earth. A virtuous soul has much to say about their destiny in the next life. They might choose to help some very needy souls, resulting in a life with a severely disabled child for example. This is a hard path, but in their soul, they recognize the reward that awaits them for choosing it.

Shawn Murphy on afterlife and how it’s different from reincarnation

Discussion with Susan Kennard

Susan Kennard and I had engaging discussion on the spiritual world and its impact on our physical lives. Her background as psychologist, combined with her clairvoyance has allowed her to see the spiritual beings that the mentally ill are talking to.

Susan Kennard and Shawn Murphy – People are born with Spiritual Ailments!
22 views Aug 27, 2022 In this episode, Susan and Shawn discuss:
The truth about our spiritual nature
People’s potential to access spiritual gifts
The most powerful positive energy
Listening to your body

Key Takeaways:
Once you realize we’re a spirit living in a temporary and physical body, it opens up a big door that a lot of people tend to ignore. We have spiritual gifts, but also spiritual ailments that can be healed through spiritual means.
Everyone has the potential to access spiritual gifts. However, most people either unconsciously or consciously choose to deny themselves from accessing their gifts.
The most powerful positive energy is forgiveness, that’s the only tool you have against somebody who’s seeking revenge on you.
Your body is very smart. Instead of covering up the pain and thinking of quick fixes that alleviate it, try and listen to the pain and try to understand what your body is telling you.

“We exist spiritually before we came here and we will exist spiritually right after as well. There’s consequences to that. People are born with spiritual gifts but they are also born with spiritual ailments.” — Shawn Murphy


Slightly Unmeditated Podcast

Tisha Tolar and I discuss my spiritual path on her podcast, Slightly Unmeditated. We covered the topics of spiritual awakening, spiritual ailments and the various beings that can contact us from the spiritual world.

Our Daily Magic

I was happy to have a free flowing discussion today about Spiritual Healing with Kai and Dell today on their Our Daily Magic. The show was broadcast live on Facebook on their platform.

You can also listen on:

New Podcast on Reincarnation

I recorded a podcast with Claudia on the topic of reincarnation. We used four pieces of her art to frame the discussion. I was excited by the lively discussion we had and wanted to share my thoughts on her art as it relates to reincarnation.

We are all souls living a human experience

We are all souls living a human experience

This is the essence of reincarnation, that we are dualistic beings – an immortal soul inhabiting a mortal, human body.

We are all soulmates

We are all soulmates

This image illustrates the essence of my paper, We all have the same spiritual ancestry. All of the souls living today as humans have existed since before the big bang, for more than 14 billion years. We are all on the same journey to perfection, but all at different points on that journey. Many have just started the while a few are finishing it.

The contradiction of eternal moments

The contradiction of eternal moments

We can get glimpses of the knowledge in our eternal soul.

Find yourself in the silence within

Find yourself in the silence within

Journeys of self discovery have been the most enlightening experience in my lifetime, allowing me to access the wisdom in my soul. The

Benji Cole talks with the author

The interview covers the topics of 1) Lifelong Learning, 2) Author’s Experience, 3) Self Discovery, 4) A Book Outline, 5) Raising Spiritual Children, 6) Spiritual Ailments, 7) Author Surprise, and 8) Spiritual Healing.

New Radio interview with Dr. Jeanette

How to navigate the abyss, dark and light energies, and expanding your consciousness with a guide.
By Wellness Radio with Dr. J
Jun 16, 2022 – 56:01
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Shawn Murphy from Switzerland, author of Torn Between Two Worlds: Modern Medicine and Spiritual Healing, to explore the journey through the abyss of consciousness we are now in. Today, we are expanding our human, spiritual, and soul being. Our consciousness is challenging us to hold on to the past and old ways or open up to a different way of existing with new tools and beliefs. The abyss is the transition period we are taking as humans transforming from dense human forms locked in story and history to light energy beings with unlimited potential to explore. What was, what is, is no longer. What is the next step? Is it a step off, down, or into the unknown? Are you ready? Perhaps you are already far along your way and you haven’t even realized it. When you know you are being guided, you are there for a purpose, and the old way of being is no longer you, then the door behind you closes and there is no going back. Along your path, you may encounter different types of energy forms, such as ghosts or dark energy and feel great fear to stop you in your tracks. All energy, dark and light, have a place in this world. All beings in human and spirit form are a part of this universe. All feelings and emotions are free to be explored and let go, just as the truths and beliefs that hold us back. Are you ready to start dancing in the abyss and untether your story?

© Copyright Dr. Jeanette Gallagher

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Interview: The Big Question

Josh Okello invited me back on his show and he entitled the episode “The Big Question” where we talked about transmigration of souls, reincarnation and life after death. We also discussed my writings on Quora where I have been answering many questions related to the three books I have written.

We talk about the most popular question that I have answered so far, and that is about the story of Eve being made from Adam’s rib. As with many of the stories in the bible, this is of a nonmaterial nature. God did not wrap earth around a rib He took from Adam, but rather He took a physical body and ensouled it with one of the false ribs – the fallen pair of Elders (Rev 4:4). God put this symbolism into man’s body – showing the 24 elders, and only fourteen of them are connected to Jesus (the sternum).

We discussed the flood as how it fits into earth’s history. The abrupt global warming, that occurred around 8,500 BC, flooded the inhabited delta regions and wiped out those who were not prepared for the rising waters. But Noah, a spiritual pioneer in the plan of this benevolent force, was saved. This was like burning the dry brush away to allow the tender green roots of virtue to take hold.

In addition, we spoke about the plan of salvation, which is not spoken of in any religion. The concept is that each one of us is a fallen angel, and this material world was created for us to regain our virtues and overcome our vices in an unperceivably slow process of rebirth. I have explained this in the books and also in a post on Quora called How can God’s work of salvation be summarized?