I had a very nice discussion with Teresa from TNT Spirit Works about my recent book and the various spiritual ailments. (Recorded October 20, 2022, to air on December 13, 2022)

me a number of very good questions on Chapter 10 of the book – Raising Spiritual Children. (Recorded  The podcast will be released YouTube and on her blog.

Gina Cavalier and I are in discussions to create a suicide prevention podcast.

Renee LaVallee McKenna, MA CCH and I have started recording a ten-part series on Raising Spiritual Children and Spiritual Parenting. (The first episode was recorded September 12, 2022)

I spoke with Brandon G Handley Spiritual Dope Podcast, trying to make the topics of spirituality palatable for logical thinkers, like myself. In addition, I answered a few specific questions from Brandon:  What is the relationship between science and religionDescribe heaven and how to get there? (Recorded September 17, 2022)

Past events

September 24, 2022 – Vasundhra Gupta and Shawn Murphy Raising Spiritual Children

What are the 3 roles of a parent in raising a spiritual child? How can you prevent your own biases from being projected onto your kids? How can parents develop more patience and capacity to raise their children in today’s stressful age? And many other fascinating questions explored with spiritual author Shawn Murphy.

August 27, 2022Susan Kennard and Shawn Murphy – People are born with Spiritual Ailments!

Key Takeaways:
– Once you realize we’re a spirit living in a temporary and physical body, it opens up a big door that a lot of people tend to ignore. We have spiritual gifts, but also spiritual ailments that can be healed through spiritual means.
– Everyone has the potential to access spiritual gifts. However, most people either unconsciously or consciously choose to deny themselves from accessing their gifts.
– The most powerful positive energy is forgiveness, that’s the only tool you have against somebody who’s seeking revenge on you.
– Your body is very smart. Instead of covering up the pain and thinking of quick fixes that alleviate it, try and listen to the pain and try to understand what your body is telling you.

We exist spiritually before we came here and we will exist spiritually right after as well. There’s consequences to that. People are born with spiritual gifts but they are also born with spiritual ailments.” — Shawn Murphy

August 24, 2022 – On the Our Daily Magic podcast, we discuss the many spiritual awakenings that the author has had since the age of 14.

August 10, 2022 – Tisha Tolar interview me on her Slightly Unmeditated Podcast Channel. We talk about many aspects of spirituality, especially its relationship to mental health issues.

August 7, 2022Claudia (Chaos of the Muse) and I talk about reincarnation. We base the conversation on 4 of her illustrations and through them, I was inspired to discuss the various aspects of this most important topic.

June 23, 2022 – Benji Cole interviews Shawn Murphy about the content of his new latest book, Torn Between Two Worlds: Modern Medicine and Spiritual Healing. The interview covers the topics of 1) Lifelong Learning, 2) Self Discovery, 3) A Book Outline, 4) Raising Spiritual Children, 5) Spiritual Ailments, 6) Author Surprise, and 7) Spiritual Healing.

December 1, 2021Dr. Jeanette Gallagher welcomes Shawn Murphy from Switzerland, author of Torn Between Two Worlds: Modern Medicine and Spiritual Healing, to explore the journey through the abyss of consciousness we are now in. Today, we are expanding our human, spiritual, and soul being. Our consciousness is challenging us to hold on to the past and old ways, or open up to a different way of existing with new tools and beliefs. The abyss is the transition period we are taking as humans, transforming from dense human forms locked in story and history to light energy beings with unlimited potential to explore. What was, what is, is no longer. What is the next step? Is it a step off, down, or into the unknown? Are you ready? Perhaps you are already far along your way, and you haven’t even realized it. When you know you are being guided, you are there for a purpose, and the old way of being is no longer you, then the door behind you closes and there is no going back.

February 9, 2018 – Josh Okello invited me back on his show and he entitled the episode “The Big Question” where we talked about transmigration of souls, reincarnation and life after death. We also discussed my writings on Quora, where I have been answering many questions related to the three books I have written. We talk about the most popular question that I have answered so far, and that is about the story of Eve being made from Adam’s rib. As with many of the stories in the bible, this is of a nonmaterial nature. God did not wrap earth around a rib He took from Adam, but rather He took a physical body and ensouled it with one of the false ribs – the fallen pair of Elders (Rev 4:4). God put this symbolism into man’s body – showing the 24 elders, and only fourteen of them are connected to Jesus (the sternum). In addition, we spoke about the plan of salvation, which is not spoken of in any religion. The concept is that each one of us is a fallen angel, and this material world was created for us to regain our virtues and overcome our vices in an unperceivably slow process of rebirth.  I have explained this in the books and also in a post on Quora called How can God’s work of salvation be summarized?