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Falsifications in inspired texts

If you are using inspired texts in your spiritual business, it is of utmost importance to know the source of these texts, and the history of their publications and editions. I personally investigated two sets of inspired works and found the mechanisms used to twist the meaning of the original channel. In this article, I will highlight the works of Johannes Greber and the Johannes Greber Memorial Foundation.

Johannes Greber was a Catholic priest who lived from May 2, 1874 to March 31, 1944. He was a humanitarian who saved many children fleeing from Germany in WWI, helping them escape to Holland. Greber was taught for many years by spirit guides, channeled through various mediums, about the original spiritual teachings of Christianity lost in the dark ages. He published these teachings in two main works:

With these works, he attempted to correct the doctrines of the Catholic church, but in the end, he chose to leave the priesthood. Greber’s work was and is extraordinary for any Cristian to read, as it contradicts long held church doctrines going back to the Council of Nicaea, and is a direct attack on the priesthood. Greber wrote this to his readers:

Translations of the Bible, and of the New Testament in particular, are manifold in the world. They always will be, because the Word of God will live forever! It is an actual fact that no other book on earth has undergone so many changes at the hands of copyists and translators, as has the Holy Scripture,both the Old Testament and the New. The discrepancies in the documents available to us are by no means confined to trifles – cases touch the foundations of the Christian Churches of today.

After his death, his works were distributed and edited by the Johannes Greber Memorial Foundation, which was not free from this phenomenon. Here is an example, comparing the sixth edition (1979) of the Communication with the Spirit World of God,

None but God, and the ‘Son of God’ known to you as ‘Christ,’ the first creature to be called into existence by God are exempt from the union of the male with the female. To all created spirits the words of the Bible apply: ‘Male and female created He them,’ and ‘Be fruitful and multiply.’ (Part Four, God’s Creation and Its Vicissitudes)

with the seventh edition.

None but God, not even the ‘Son of God’ known to you as ‘Christ,’ is exempt from the union of the male with the female. To all created spirits the words of the Bible apply: ‘Male and female created He them,’ and ‘Be fruitful and multiply.’ (Part Four, God’s Creation and Its Vicissitudes)

The English sixth edition is an accurate translation of the German text in the German seventh edition (1983).

«Von diesem Gesetz der paarweisen Verbindung des Männlichen mit dem Weiblichen ist bloß Gott ausgenommen und der als erstes Geschöpf Gottes ins Dasein getretene, ‘Sohn Gottes’, den ihr ,’Christus’ nennt. Von allen andern Geistern gilt das Wort der Bibel: ‘Mann und Weib erschuf er sie’ und das andere Wort:, ‘Wachset und mehret euch!’» (Vierten Teil, Über die Schöpfung Gottes und ihr Schicksal)

So, Greber’s warning to his readers about the “many changes at the hands of copyists and translators” was prophetic about his own work! Up until this time in history, recording media was prohibitively expensive. But that is not the case today. My recommendation for any medium is to record all your sessions and ensure that any written material from the sessions corresponds one-to-one with the recording. If you make any translations of theses, please let the reader know to refer to the original language if there are any questions/discrepancies.

There is a systematic cause for these types of falsifications of spiritual truths – evil. True spirituality does not benefit those who seek power, wealth and try to control others. This is illustrated in the cover art for this article, from the Die entschleierte Aura by Gisela Weigl and Franz Wenzel (1991). There are evil, mischievous and vengeful spirits that attempt to use humans to achieve their goals of chaos. I have emphasized this point in my previous article Lifelong Learning, as those in a spiritual business are especially useful tools for these spirits to use.

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome. My name is Shawn T Murphy, author of Torn Between Two Worlds. I’m so happy to have you as a visitor to my blog about my new book. This project is very special to me, and I hope to share some of that excitement with you here.

I’ll be using this blog to interact with you about Torn Between Two Worlds, expanding on some of the topics in it and blogging on some of the ideas related to my book. This is a great place for you to get to know me, and I’m looking forward to getting to know you, too. What did you think of Torn Between Two Worlds? What questions do you have for me? How do you relate to my book?

I’ll be returning here frequently with new posts and responses to feedback from you. Until next time, tell me a little bit about yourself.

Finding Wisdom and Rhetoric today

Since releasing my second book, some of my readers have asked the question: “Where can we find wisdom today?” I have been refining my criteria to look at present day people without the benefit of the test of time.

Through his work with his patients, Dr. Brian Weiss has discovered reincarnation and past lives, but unlike some of his contemporaries, he has gone beyond his personal observations and searched for a holistic worldview to explain his observations. I am very pleased with the wealth of knowledge he has to offer, answering many of the hard questions on his website. In addition to this, he displays the personality of someone who understand wisdom. He is modest, loving and caring.

I came across Communication with God from Neal Donald Walsch and it reminded me of a book by a similar name from Johannes Greber called Communications with the spirit world of God. I know this work well as it is one of my main references for my trilogy. The comparison of the two just like night and day. Greber, like wise, is very modest and cautious when it comes to his communications with messengers from God. What we learn from Greber and other similar interactions (Rev. Vale Owen and Beatrice Brunner) is that God does not speak directly to people. God has an uncountable number of angels to send to protect and speak with humans.

Book Review: Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives by Michael Newman

I have read many books on the afterlife, ghosts, and the spiritual world and find Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives lacking for two main reasons:

1) The therapist, Michael Newman, asks too many leading questions in his case studies. He allows his own view of the afterlife to taint the reports from the subjects. For example: he tells his patients that souls are androgynous balls of light, when the subjects are describing male and female being.

2) Newman generalizes too much, based on the limited data that he has collected. Although he does not admit this in the book, he has a very strong sample bias to his cases. This leads him to make statements like: “all souls choose the life they will live.” This may be true for the patients of Newman, who were enlightened enough to seek out his assurance. There is a large percentage of people living today that have not gained any self-awareness that would lead them to seek out Newman. Thus, a sample bias that excludes the subjects who had not said in the conditions of their current lifetime.

I would suggest people to read a more board set of case studies in the book Life After Life from Beatrice Brunner who channeled these souls which were recorded before a live audience. There are 13 additional cases posted on Quora.

Torn Between Two Worlds answers many common questions on Quora

Since the release of my trilogy, I have been answering common questions posted on Quora addressed by my books. Over 4,700 questions have been answered and these have received over 3.5 million views. There seems to be a hunger for logic and reason that both religions and science are having difficulty delivering. Below are the questions I have answered that are of most interest to readers.

Although the old Testament reveals women were made from Adam’s rib, what is the actuality now known by science?

Do birthmarks have a spiritual meaning?

Do we reincarnate instantly after we die? Or do we end up in some kind of limbo waiting for years and years until it’s the right time to reincarnate?

How is it that the pyramids were build 12,000 BC and Adam and Eve came about 8000 BC?

What is the true story of Lucifer and the fallen angels?

Why do ‘ghosts’ never talk about going to heaven and what that is like or about God?

Please visit my profile for these and many other questions with the perspective presented in Torn Between Two Worlds.