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Free will is our greatest gift and destiny is the product of free will. Exercising our free will shapes our destiny in this life and in our next life. Let me give a few examples from my research:

• Let’s say the person was a narcissist. Before he prepared for his next human life, he would most likely be banned to a place where he is totally alone. Time alone is given to force a spirit to think about what they have done and time to come to the conclusion that it was wrong how they treated others. His fate in the next life might be as handicapped, relying on other’s help or as a son of a narcissist – “eye for an eye.”

• Let’s say the person was an atheist, with no belief. This spirit could be brought by his guardian to people living in fear of imminent death. This is to experience how people with faith get through these times versus an atheist. After experiencing this intense fear over and over he starts to see the value of faith, experiencing the angels who come to comfort those who pray. This spirit’s fate in his next life may be to be born into a pious family.

• Let’s say the person was a murderer. If prison was successful, and he repented for his crime, then he might not need any additional punishment. But if he avoided being caught or did not learn anything in prison, then he would be either banned in a remote place or given a toiling job before being prepared for a new life with a new fate. If the soul of the person he murdered had not forgiven him, he may decide to haunt the murderer in his next life, instilling depression, anxiety or schizophrenia.

• Let’s say the person was a good person who was kind to others, living in faith and hope. He would be welcomed by family and angels with big smiles on their faces. He will look younger that he did when he died, and they will welcome him and want to show him the beauty of heaven, before getting prepared for the next life on earth. A virtuous soul has much to say about their destiny in the next life. They might choose to help some very needy souls, resulting in a life with a severely disabled child for example. This is a hard path, but in their soul, they recognize the reward that awaits them for choosing it.

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