The single-sided view of modern spirituality

Many people gravitated to esoteric or spiritualism teachings, after rejecting the teachings of established religions, looking for a world-view without the pain and suffering promised by the major religions. Unfortunately, many have thrown the baby out with the bathwater. Spirituality today seems to offer love and peace, but without addressing the evil forces in this world. Neither spirituality nor the established religions have handled the question of evil effectively.

During a three-day workshop put on by Kimberly Maska Pape, about starting a spiritual business, she said: “Since everything comes from source, that means money also comes from source.” Having studied the spiritual world for over thirty years, it is clear that you cannot take money into the afterlife, and there is no currency in the afterlife except the light in one’s soul. Everything else exists in the afterlife, except for this human creation.

There are in fact two sources in this world, which were symbolized in the Old Testament description of the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve were told to choose between two trees, the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The Tree of Life is the source of all life, whereas the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is the source of all lies and evil, only able to create chaos.

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Kimberly Maska Pape answered my email below, and you can read my response to each of the points that she raises.

Hello Shawn – I hope you are having a wonderful day. My team passed along your video and email. You had several points to make, and I will address each of them below.

First, I will address your comment from one of your emails, “You seem to be focused on making money from the trend of people leaving the churches and searching for a spiritual path.” I find this quite odd, considering I did not speak of church or religion during my event, and you will be hard-pressed to find it in any of my content. It is unclear how you came to this conclusion, but this is not what I do at all.

You spoke to the great awakening and asked us if we felt it was moving fast enough. The great awakening is a movement away from dogmatic beliefs into the light of truth. The countless religious sects do not reflect a single source of truth, therefore, people are moving away from religion to spirituality. Please see my paper on the most enlightened culture that has existed – A return to the high ethic of the Ionian Ideal and this is the character that we should try to emulate if we claim to be enlightened and following a divine spiritual path.

You also say in your email, “I have spoken with over 100 spiritual healers/podcasters in the past two years, and there are only three that I found who are on a virtuous spiritual path.” Could all 97 of them be wrong while only you and three others are virtuous? Be careful with judging others. That act right there is out of spiritual integrity in my book.

I had said that I have only found three on a divine spiritual path. This goes back to the question of intention that I raised and the two sources of spiritual energy that you have rejected. Since most all those I spoke with are coming into their spiritual as a rejection of an abusive relationship/childhood, they do not have pure intentions, and have not healed themselves and rid themselves of the negative energy around them before starting their business. Yes, they may be able to attract many people with their life story, but are they leading their soul tribe into the right direction?

Now for your video. You claim there is not “one” Source. However, I am sure you are familiar with the ouroboros and its psychological significance. In the beginning, all was unified; this was prior to ego consciousness and prior to duality. Psychologically speaking, Adam & Eve were unconscious and unaware of duality until they ate from the Tree of Knowledge / good and evil. It was only through their awareness that the duality of good and evil was birthed

Yes, Ouroboros is a symbol of alchemy (manifestation) and the worship of pagan gods. This is well documented in the study of the Oracles of Delphi.

I had sent you a copy of my book, but I see you have not downloaded it from Amazon. Torn Between Two Worlds: Wisdom and Rhetoric In this book, I go into detail the difference between wisdom and rhetoric, which Socrates explained in Plato’s Symposium. You have accepted the concept of the duality of good and evil, but you have attributed all spiritual energy to one source. You are essentially saying that evil intent (negative spiritual energy) come from goodness. This is the same logic used by the Spartan prince when he argued that homosexual love of young boys is the greatest form of love. But in fact, negative energy came from the Fall of the angels and repeated with the Fall of Adam and Eve. Negative energy is a rejection of the one source, thus creating a second source of evil – Satan, Lucifer, Demons, Evil Spirits, etc.

Yes, good and evil exist, represented in the alchemical symbols of the sol/sun and luna/moon, but they came from one Source, the All. I could dive deeper into the spiritual, psychological, and philosophical implications of the expansion of our consciousness, leading us to a psychological unification with the image of “Christ” within (Christ Consciousness), also known as the Self, but I do not have the inclination to go into that level of detail.

Many of the people I refer to claim to be led by Jesus, or the Archangel Michael. These are the ones that are being led astray by evil beings posing as God, Jesus or an Archangel. These are the beings that promise material rewards for following them. The divine spiritual world does not work this way.

You also mention that in the divine spiritual world, there is no money. I agree. In fact, I don’t believe it “really exists” in this world. That is precisely why I say, “money is energy,” “money doesn’t really exist,” “money is just an idea.” I also agree that the focus should be on service. That is the entire basis of what I teach. It seems you did not hear me say, “Money is just a reflection of the service you provide on this planet.” Did you miss that one? Odic energy (Spiritual Energy) goes from the darkest of black to the brightest of white, from demonic to divine. Money is a concept created by man and does not have a high vibration, and money has no reflection on the value one has added to humanity. As you know, money has been used for more harm than good. I have been exposed to very many wealthy people in my career in asset management in Liechtenstein, Cayman and Bermuda. I have only found one on a divine path – Allan Gray.

But let’s not forget that we live in a 3D world, where spirit has incarnated into physical form. This is where most “spiritual” people get stuck. They want to believe we don’t need money or money is unimportant. However, if the service we give humanity is what lights up our soul, then how does one have a massive impact on humanity without money in this 3D world? A spiritual business and money are both vehicles for service on this planet. That is exactly why I talk about impact tithing and being a spiritual capitalist. Create money living your purpose so you can give back to the world and serve humanity.

This concept is an old, broken model of philanthropy as opposed to the enlightened concept of conscious capitalism. Instead of making money in spiritual business and donating it to charity, why not turn all businesses into spiritually oriented businesses?

It is almost as if you did not attend the event.

I have been to many such events. I am actively involved in the Social Enterprise work of YPO International and have learned the best practices for helping humanity. I have had the honor of meeting Muhammad Yunus, whose Nobel Prize exemplifies a virtuous use of the capital markets. The key takeaway from his work is that the business objectives should be targeted to service and its success should be measured on service and not on financial goals, not on becoming a millionaire.

I will conclude with this. I sincerely caution you not to devalue the physical realm. We are spiritual beings, but spiritual beings in this physical world. When someone is unbalanced in this respect, they are analogous to the Flight of Icarus. He flew too high and came crashing down to his death. I have seen many Icarus’ in my years of coaching over 600 spiritual entrepreneurs. It is not a pretty sight.

You invited me to contemplate your video, and I have. Now, I invite you to contemplate this…If you spent three days “listening” to me but did not actually “hear” me, is it possible that those 97 people “not on a virtuous path,” according to you, are actually on the right path? And who is to judge what the “right” or “virtuous” path is? Not I. Nor you.

I heard everything that you said and ask you to consider your words. You have coached over 600 spiritual entrepreneurs, and are you sure that you have empowered them all in a virtuous direction? What if some have used your successful techniques to lead their soul tribe down a dark path? It all comes back to intention. Every method I teach can be used for divine or evil purposes, so I am very careful in how I share it with.

I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.


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