City of Angels, Perfect First Scene

Gardian angels are ready to bring us to heaven when we die
The first scene to this movie is just perfect.

I have come across a number of inspired Hollywood productions that I like to share along with the meaning they provided me. I was so excited to see the beginning of City of Angels, starting just as inspired texts explain how the ethereal body leaves the material body at death, and continues life in the ethereal world. The guardian angel was waiting for the young girl to guide her further on her journey.

One of the major impacts coming from the trinity dogma, was to take away the wonderful concept of guardian angels from Christianity. The simple change in wording from ‘the holy spirits’ to ‘the holy spirit’ minimized the work of the billions of guardians that stand by us in our lives. The movie did not do the best job of explaining where they come from, but it did give the impression that they are all around us.

I have seen a number of productions that depict angels as being somehow less than human, with no feelings. This is becuase there are very few inspired texts about life in Heaven and the work of angels. The few that I have come across, show much more beauty, joy and diversity than here on earth, not less.

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