World Mental Health Day

True #mentalhealth requires a holistic approach that goes beyond mind, body and soul. Humans are more complicated than this our mid is made up intellect and our emotional self. Our soul includes our true self and our shadows. Letting the intellect rule over the emotions and messages that body is sending is only one path #mentalillness. There are many more, as are there are many more treatments than pharmacological ones.

A path of #selfdiscovery can lead to a holistic Mental Health treatment that uses your inner strengths to achieve your own inner desires.

2022 Spiritual Retreat Day 1

I have started my annual weeklong retreat today and the topic for the day is becoming perfect, the  reason why we are all here. It is only through multiple incarnations that our fallen soul is able to regain its perfection. (John 8:23)

Most Christians deny the words of Matthew 5, and claim that God’s Grace will make them perfect. But that is not at all what Jesus taught. He said that we need to repay our debts to the last farthing (Matt 5:21-26). He said that we need to love our enemies.

Nicodemus understood Jesus’ teaching, and as an old Pharisee who had done many thing wrong, he knew that took more than believing in Jesus – we have to walk in the shoes of Jesus. So, Nicodemus asked Jesus how it is possible to achieve perfection:

“There was a man of the Pharisees, named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews: The same came to Jesus by night, and said unto him, Rabbi, we know that thou art a teacher come from God: for no man can do these miracles that thou doest, except God be with him. Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. Nicodemus saith unto him, How can a man be born when he is old? can he enter the second time into his mother’s womb, and be born? Jesus answered, Verily, verily, [truly, truly] I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.” (John 3:1–5)

Jesus agrees with Nicodemus’ point, that he needs to incarnate again to meet these guidelines. But Jesus goes on to say that not only do you have to be born again, you need to become a spiritual person like Matthew 5 describes.

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Interview from Road to Divinity

Free will is our greatest gift and destiny is the product of free will. Exercising our free will shapes our destiny in this life and in our next life. Let me give a few examples from my research:

• Let’s say the person was a narcissist. Before he prepared for his next human life, he would most likely be banned to a place where he is totally alone. Time alone is given to force a spirit to think about what they have done and time to come to the conclusion that it was wrong how they treated others. His fate in the next life might be as handicapped, relying on other’s help or as a son of a narcissist – “eye for an eye.”

• Let’s say the person was an atheist, with no belief. This spirit could be brought by his guardian to people living in fear of imminent death. This is to experience how people with faith get through these times versus an atheist. After experiencing this intense fear over and over he starts to see the value of faith, experiencing the angels who come to comfort those who pray. This spirit’s fate in his next life may be to be born into a pious family.

• Let’s say the person was a murderer. If prison was successful, and he repented for his crime, then he might not need any additional punishment. But if he avoided being caught or did not learn anything in prison, then he would be either banned in a remote place or given a toiling job before being prepared for a new life with a new fate. If the soul of the person he murdered had not forgiven him, he may decide to haunt the murderer in his next life, instilling depression, anxiety or schizophrenia.

• Let’s say the person was a good person who was kind to others, living in faith and hope. He would be welcomed by family and angels with big smiles on their faces. He will look younger that he did when he died, and they will welcome him and want to show him the beauty of heaven, before getting prepared for the next life on earth. A virtuous soul has much to say about their destiny in the next life. They might choose to help some very needy souls, resulting in a life with a severely disabled child for example. This is a hard path, but in their soul, they recognize the reward that awaits them for choosing it.

Shawn Murphy on afterlife and how it’s different from reincarnation

It was 9/11 that inspired me to be a writer

After 9/11, I published five articles to combat the hate came out of the US, trying to answer the question on everyone’s lips: “How could this have happened?”

Amazon Review: Great Read

This a great book. Easy to read. Also bought for my daughter as a graduation present. I feel it will be very instructive and insightful to her a devoted mother and educator.

Review of Torn Between Two Worlds: Modern Medicine and Spiritual Healing,Posted on Amazon

Amazon Review: Having an open mind to all that you read from one’s perspectives.

I would like to thank Shawn for allowing me to read what it is that he has discovered through research and experiences in his life.
I have found all 4 “ torn between two worlds” books very interesting to read.
I read these books to see his perspective on life. I find others thoughts and understanding of what they perceive of this life in this world interesting. As everyone should. I believe an open mind to what is happening around us is the best way to live this life here. We are not all going to agree do to our own perception of this world. But telling others how we see things may help others who are confused or scared or stuck or lost in this world and it just may fill in the gaps that are blank in their minds. I don’t believe you can tell someone that their way of thinking is wrong because you can’t see what they are saying. Everyone’s path in this world is different. The end result is the same but the path is written differently for each of us. Our learning about things of this world is different.
Anybody who reads these books needs to go into with an open mind. Try to understand, not dismiss or say it’s wrong way of thinking. I appreciate Shawn’s time he has put into writing these books. I pray that he continues to put his experiences and thoughts out their for the world to see and hear.
Thank you again Shawn. God Bless.

Review of Torn Between Two Worlds: Modern Medicine and Spiritual Healing, Posted on Amazon


New book review by Kirkus Reviews

While accepting that modern medicine can cure physical problems, the book claims that many of humanity’s ailments (particularly mental health ones) are really “of spiritual origin” and thus require spiritual treatments. Divided into two parts, the volume looks at specific spiritual causes of human suffering in the first section.  After offering a “primer” on spiritual conditions, the volume’s second half delivers strategies, such as meditation techniques and child-rearing tips, that can address and provide relief for those who suffer.

New book review by Kirkus Reviews.

Discussion with Susan Kennard

Susan Kennard and I had engaging discussion on the spiritual world and its impact on our physical lives. Her background as psychologist, combined with her clairvoyance has allowed her to see the spiritual beings that the mentally ill are talking to.

Susan Kennard and Shawn Murphy – People are born with Spiritual Ailments!
22 views Aug 27, 2022 In this episode, Susan and Shawn discuss:
The truth about our spiritual nature
People’s potential to access spiritual gifts
The most powerful positive energy
Listening to your body

Key Takeaways:
Once you realize we’re a spirit living in a temporary and physical body, it opens up a big door that a lot of people tend to ignore. We have spiritual gifts, but also spiritual ailments that can be healed through spiritual means.
Everyone has the potential to access spiritual gifts. However, most people either unconsciously or consciously choose to deny themselves from accessing their gifts.
The most powerful positive energy is forgiveness, that’s the only tool you have against somebody who’s seeking revenge on you.
Your body is very smart. Instead of covering up the pain and thinking of quick fixes that alleviate it, try and listen to the pain and try to understand what your body is telling you.

“We exist spiritually before we came here and we will exist spiritually right after as well. There’s consequences to that. People are born with spiritual gifts but they are also born with spiritual ailments.” — Shawn Murphy


Slightly Unmeditated Podcast

Tisha Tolar and I discuss my spiritual path on her podcast, Slightly Unmeditated. We covered the topics of spiritual awakening, spiritual ailments and the various beings that can contact us from the spiritual world.

Our Daily Magic

I was happy to have a free flowing discussion today about Spiritual Healing with Kai and Dell today on their Our Daily Magic. The show was broadcast live on Facebook on their platform.

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