New Book Highlights How Spiritual Wellness Can Heal in Ways Modern Medicine May Overlook


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“Torn Between Two Worlds: Modern Medicine and Spiritual Healing”
By Shawn T. Murphy
ISBN: 978-1-9822-7002-5 (softcover); 978-1-9822-7005-6 (hardcover); 978-1-9822-7001-8 (electronic)
Available at Balboa Press, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author
Shawn Murphy began studying philosophy and spirituality in 1996 after meeting talented clairvoyants at his first week-long spiritual retreat. He studied under them over the last 27 years, investigating spiritual laws and treatments which are reflected in his writing. After moving to Bermuda in 2000, he started publishing his philosophic works in the Bermuda Sun. Following the attack on Sept. 11, 2001, he published a series of six articles speaking out against the rhetoric that had erupted. Shawn was inspired to write the “Torn Between Two Worlds” trilogy, following the stroke of his 20-year-old daughter. This was to share with others the wisdom he has gained in his life’s journey that gave him strength in this trying time. Recently, he published the fourth book in the series and then started a spiritual consulting business. To learn more, please visit

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