Impact of ghosts or lost souls on humanity

Originally Answered: Do you believe in ghosts and if so what event caused your belief or what reason do you believe?

I not only believe in them, I think they are one the today’s greatest social problems. Fewer people believe in the afterlife and are not actively thinking about the lost souls that are all around us. People are so obsessed with the material world, that they do not stop to think about what the ethereal world is trying to say.

Shawn Murphy’s answer to Has anyone had an encounter with a ghost in real life?

I have experienced personally what damage ghosts can do in people’s lives and have great respect for them.

Shawn Murphy’s answer to Have you ever experienced any paranormal activity?

The presence of ghosts should be pursued not for sport, but for healing – helping the departed to find their way in the afterlife, like how Dr. Wickland did for his patients.

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