New Book Modern Medicine and Spiritual Healing

Mental Health can be more effectively managed through Spiritual Healing than Modern Medicine I have finished my fourth book in the Torn Between Worlds Series. This book is the culmination of the discussions I have had since releasing my last books on Quora. I have come across a number of people intrigued with the concepts in the third book, Material and Ethereal. People have been suffering through a spiritual battle and finding no assistance nor allies from modern medicine. It is the high instance of mental illness that motivated me to write this book, exemplified by the friends that I have made on Quora.

The new book is called: Modern Medicine and Spiritual Healing

4 Comments on “New Book Modern Medicine and Spiritual Healing

  1. I have read your books. Can you suggest other books or papers that would provide more information on these subjects? Thank you.

    • Dear Andri,
      Each of my books has numerous references in them to read. If you give me some specific topics, then I can give you additional references not in the books.
      Best wishes, Shawn

      • Writings about The Fall, and The Fallen. I instantly had a surprising conviction that your theory about who we really are is correct…like turning on a light for me. But, would like more info. So far, no one shares my feelings, which is ok, but I long for more!

  2. Dear Andri,
    “And he said unto them, Ye are from beneath; I am from above: ye are of this world; I am not of this world.” (John 8:23)

    There are two types of references, theological or spiritual, which I have provided at The theological go back to the time of Origen of Alexandria, who taught the theory of Apocatastasis, or the Restoration of All things. Here is a link to these writings: The Restoration of All Things.

    There is very little written today about this topic, even amongst the Christian Universalist’s. They believe in universal salvation, but cannot explain from what we are saved.
    Best wishes, Shawn

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